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Hilton Field
Softball Complex
Bldg 3900-E Hampton Pkwy
Fort Jackson, SC 29207
(803) 751-3096

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday 0800-2100
Fri-Sun, Holidays Closed

Fitness Centers/ Gymnasiums

Andy's Fitness Center
Coleman Gymnasium
Perez Fitness Center
Vanguard Gymnasium


Sport & Fitness
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Perez Fitness Center
Swimming Pools 
Vanguard Gymnasium
Water Park 
Youth Sports
All Army Sports Program
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Sports Collage

Sports enthusiast; we’ve got your game! Sports & Fitness is your point of contact for intramural programs at company and battalion levels. Post Level programs include basketball, volleyball, flag football, softball, weight lifting, soccer, track and more. Our well maintained venues include Hilton Field Softball Complex, and Semmes Road Tennis Courts.

Intermingled during other parts of the year are special sports events such as the All Army 10-Miler Qualifier, power lifting meets, tennis tournaments and more.
You must be an eligible ID card holder or guest to utilize any of the fitness centers or gymnasiums on Fort Jackson. Eligible ID card holders are one of the following: Active duty military, retired military, reserve military, DA civilian employees, including NAF Civilian employees, Army contract employees and age appropriate family members.

Starting in January 2006 Fort Jackson MWR users will be requested to fill out a “MWR Application”.  All the MWR Community Recreation Division (CRD) Activities such as Gymnasiums, Pools, Outdoor Recreation facilities, Libraries, Miniature Golf, and Victory Travel will be set up with computerized swipers to count your visit. These swipers will capture the mandatory data for annual reports and justify the appropriate funding needed to run the facilities and/or activities. Information submitted on the applications by MWR patrons and their families will be set up in a “household” database. All information will be processed in a timely and secured manner not to effect participation at any of the CRD Activities.

After the household is set up the MWR patron can swipe into any facility with his Military ID, CAC or any issued MWR card. MWR will make this as easy for the customer as possible. Thanking all MWR customers in advance for their patronage.


Fort Jackson Recreation Trail
Trail Map 

The Fort Jackson Recreation Trail is a multi-use 5 mile loop for walking, running and biking. The trail merges with the Fort Jackson passage of the Palmetto Trail which runs along the paved path that follows Semmes Rd. 
The recreation trail begins & ends near the corner of Marion Ave. & Semmes Rd. Plenty of parking is available along with a park, picnic tables and a gazebo with benches for resting your legs or just relaxing and viewing the wild life along the shore line of Semmes Lake.

The trail follows along the Semmes Lake dam, crossing Lee Rd., passing Kennedy Hall and the Officers' Club. It continues along the paved path parallel to Semmes Rd. with a view overlooking the Fort Jackson Golf Club. The trail then makes a left turn following Chestnut Rd. past housing and the Youth Center. [Also an additional branch continues straight following Semmes Rd.  and ending at Twin Lakes] The trail continues past the youth center and again turns left and follows Hampton Pkwy. past Tank Hill and the Soldier Support Institute [SSI]. It then turns left and follows Stuart Ave. to the Community Activities Center where the trail winds its way through a small park complete with shelters and picnic tables. The trail then crosses Strom Thurmond Blvd at Scales Ave. and continues past the Scales Ave. & Hood St. Child Development Centers finally crossing Hill St. and again winding its way through the park located along the Semmes Lake shore line to the trail head.

Keep Hydrated Drink Plenty of Water!

Drinking water [water fountain] is available at the trail head.  The Solomon Center has water fountains available inside the building. The purchase of sports drinks, bottled water and soda are available from vending machines and the Retail Zone during regular business hours.

Don't Forget Safety!

Remember helmets are required for all bicyclists and skate boarders anywhere on Ft. Jackson. Walkers and runners have the trail "right of way" but please be polite, slower traffic should move to the far right of the trail and walking or running shoulder to shoulder should be minimized during heavy traffic times. Bicyclists should announce there approach and avoid surprising walkers and runners when passing from behind. Always be aware of automobile traffic and use caution especially when crossing streets.

The Palmetto Trail

The Palmetto Trail provides over 400 miles of biking and walking paths through towns & cities, along lakes, through forests and mountains featuring the natural beauty of South Carolina. The Palmetto Trail is nearly 225 miles.
A project of the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, the Palmetto Trail was conceived in 1994. South Carolina’s Palmetto Trail is the state’s largest bicycle and pedestrian project and will eventually run from the mountains to the sea.


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