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Located in the Joe E. Mann building at the corner of Magruder Ave. & Gregg St. behind post HQ


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Instructional Programs for Children and Youth

SKIESUnlimited is a part of the Army’s Division of Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) within the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR). Our mission is to provide the children and youth with a variety of classes taught by qualified, imaginative and dedicated instructors, creating experiences of value, excellence and enjoyment.

The name SKIESUnlimited is an acronym for “Schools of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills” with the word “Unlimited” representing the unlimited possibilities this program can offer children and youth. SKIESUnlimited encompasses instructional programs for children and youth ranging from infant to adolescence. Through SKIESUnlimited, Fort Jackson children and youth all have equal access to opportunities that expand their knowledge, inspire them, allow them to explore and acquire new skills. SKIESUnlimited has a four-school system:

  • School of Academic Skills, Mentoring and Intervention
  • School of Arts, Recreation and Leisure
  • School of Life Skills, Citizenship and Leadership
  • School of Sports, Fitness and Health


Children and youth participate in instructional programs for a variety of reasons:  to explore new skills; pursue and nurture personal interests; interact socially with others; build a resume; bolster a college application; or foster a close relationship with caring, knowledgeable adults outside of the home.  All Fort Jackson CYS Services SKIESUnlimited instructors have had local and national background checks and training in CPR, First Aid, Safety and Child Abuse Awareness, Reporting and Prevention in addition to training in their specialty area.

Young people spend as much as 80% of their waking hours outside the classroom. The latest educational research confirms that students’ involvement in after-school instructional programs is beneficial on many levels. Instructional programs have been shown to promote the intellectual development of children and youth and foster the development of critical life, leadership and social skills.  In addition, youth involved in instructional programs during the critical hours of 3:00 – 8:00 p.m. are less likely to engage in undesirable behaviors. 


Authorized users are dependents of active duty military, Department of Defense civilian employees, National Guard, Reservists, employees of DoD contractors on Fort Jackson and retirees. 



<empty> Registration with CYS Services is required to enroll in a SKIESUnlimited class and can be initiated on line (please call 751-4865/4824 for registration requirements) and completed at Parent Central Services (PCS) or the entire process can be completed at Parent Central Services (PCS)  When registering a child for CYS Services programs, parents/guardians must provide the appropriate documentation as verification of eligibility.

Once registered with CYS Services, enrollment for SKIESUnlimited classes may be handled on line ( or at Parent Central Services. However, those families that are enrolling mid-month for a year-round class should enroll on site at Parent Central Services so that their fees can be prorated.  In addition, families intending to use a deployment discount must also enroll on site. CYSS login/password required for online enrollment. 


Payment and Cancellation Policy
Payments for SKIESUnlimited classes are due at the time of enrollment and by the 5th of the month thereafter for on-going classes. We accept payment by cash, check, debit card or credit card. Cancellations and refunds will be permitted prior to the first day of each class session. Refunds after the class has begun will be granted only under special circumstances such as unexpected family emergencies (documentation required), injuries (medical statement required) and must be requested in writing from the SKIESUnlimited Director. On-going classes are billed monthly with the exception of classes offered for less than a month.  Installment billing is processed by the first of each month.  Withdrawals must be submitted in writing at least 2 weeks in advance by completing a withdrawal form (available in the facility) or by completing the online form (SKIESUnlimited withdrawal form).  Payments for SKIESUnlimited classes may be made on line.  Contact Parent Central Services staff at 751-4865/4824 for details.


Make-Up Policy
Make-up classes are offered when a class is missed due to a Federal Holiday or when a class is canceled during inclement weather or instructor absence. Make-up classes are not provided  when students miss classes. 

Army Family Covenant (AFC) Deployment Services
Delivering on the Army Family Covenant, CYS Services provides funding to offset the cost of instructional programs for children and youth of active duty Soldiers. 

Mission Level 1: Up to $300 for SKIESUnlimited classes per deployment per
   child/youth. (FW, AW2, WT, WTSG, NMA, WTCU, DP)

Mission Level 2 and 3: Up to $150 for SKIESUnlimitedclasses per
   deployment per child/youth. (TCS, PCS, TDY, RD, WTCA)

Current Classes
View class schedule here. Classes are ongoing (unless otherwise indicated), so enrollment is allowed at any time during the month.  Classes include:


School of Academic Skills, Mentoring
& Intervention
Bright SKIES Academy (3-day)   Bright SKIES Prep (2-day)
Spanish, Preschool Spanish, Kinder
Spanish, Beginner Spanish, Intermediate


FREE Online Tutoring

Army families have access to free, unlimited online tutoring and academic and career resources 24/7 from  Kindergarten -12th grade and college students can get help with homework, studying, projects, essay writing and test prep in every subject.  Adults can get help preparing for career transitions, writing a resume and studying for exams.  All sessions are online and one-to-one with a live, professional tutor.  Get help now at



School of Arts, Recreation & Leisure
Jazz/Hip Hop   Preballet
Creative Movement @ Imboden St CDC Creative Movement @
Scales Ave CDC
Jr Hip Hop @ Imboden St School Age Ctr  Jr Hip Hop @ Hood St School Age Ctr
Hip Hop @ Youth Center Arts &
Crafts, Preschool
Hood St School Age Ctr
Piano, Private Lessons (coming soon)


School of Life Skills, Citizenship & Leadership
Abduction Prevention, Child (Stranger Safety) Training CPR/First Aid, Child & Infant Certification  
Babysitter Certification Training   Sign Language, Signing Time
Sign Language, Baby   Driver’s Education 
imAlone Training   


School of Sports, Health & Fitness
Karate, Lil Kickers  Karate, Beginner 
Karate, Intermediate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Beginner
Tumble Bugs, Parent & Child Gymnastics 1-3 
Cheer/Tumbling, Beginner    Gymnastics 4 & Tumbling
Golf, First Tee Tennis, Beginner
Swimming, Parent & Child Swimming, Preschool  
Swimming, Beginner  


Volunteer Instructors Needed:
Join the Child, Youth and School (CYS) Services family as a volunteer instructor for the SKIESUnlimited program. We are looking for qualified, caring volunteer instructors for:

  • School of Academic Skills, Mentoring and Intervention
  • School of Arts, Recreation and Leisure
  • School of Life Skills, Citizenship and Leadership
  • School of Sports, Fitness and Health

Extracurricular offerings are so very important to our children and youth.  Bring your education, knowledge, skills and know-how to our kids. The possibilities are endless:  cooking, cake decorating, sewing, scrapbooking, fashion design, cultural dance and dress, fitness, fun with games, woodworking, computer graphics, web page design, robotics, photography, metal work, art, crafts, automobile repair, bike repair, making costumes, makeup & grooming, pet care, violin, guitar lessons and so much more.  To apply to be a CYS Services Volunteer, please contact the SKIESUnlimited Director at (803) 751-6777.


Contact Information
SKIESUnlimited Director
3392 Magruder Ave (behind post HQ)
Fort Jackson, SC 29207
 Phone (803) 751-6777  
Fax (803) 751-1442

SKIESUnlimited Family Center
6100 Chesnut Road
Fort Jackson, SC 29207
Phone (803) 562-5915
Fax (803) 562-5914

We are committed to quality customer service. Your timely feedback is an essential element in our effort to continuously improve our performance and provide suggestions to help us serve you better. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you will return often.




All forms must be returned to the SKIESUnlimited Director in person (Parent Central Services Admin Staff will accept them), via email or via fax (803) 751-1442. 
Online Enrollment
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To register please call CYSS Parent Central Services at (803)751-4865.