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Better Opportunities for
Single Soldiers Program

I. A.M. Strong

Building 2447
Barracks Community Center

SGT Jessica Garrett
DSN: 734-1148

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Get Involved with the BOSS Program!

The BOSS goal is to keep everyone informed of current BOSS events, trips, volunteering, fundraisers and Soldier issues. This web page is for all Soldiers at all levels of rank. It is every Soldier's responsibility to look out for the welfare of other Soldiers. Even if you are married, chances are you'll be in a leadership position at some point in your military career. In a leadership position you should know what your Soldiers are interested in, the programs that are available to them, and encourage and guide them to get involved. If you have any ideas, concerns, suggestions, questions or just want to get involved, visit the suggestion box, contact your BOSS representative, or the BOSS Office at 719.524.2677

Who May Participate?
All events are targeted at single Soldiers to include single parents, single officers and geographical single Soldiers.

What is the Soldiers' Role in BOSS?
BOSS councils are comprised of single Soldiers from major subordinate commands and separate units on an installation. Single Soldiers have an opportunity to become unit representatives, volunteer to assist in planning an event or attend BOSS activities. The Department of the Army BOSS circular defines the roles of the chain of command and MWR personnel at all levels.




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